Membership Information


Why join our Professional Association?

Federal  Veterinarians  often  work  in  widely  dispersed  areas  with  little  contact  for  sharing  ideas,  working  through  problems, or  even  just  sharing  experience  to  see  if  others  are  seeing  the  same  things.    Jump  on our  members  only Facebook  group  and  follow  the  discussions  or  add  a  topic  of  your  own.    Or  join  a  webinar  and  learn  and interact with  your  fellow  colleague.

Career Development

Having  a  mentor  is  a  great way  to  advance  your  career.    Agency  mentoring  programs  are  sometimes  too close  to  home  to  feel  comfortable.    Find  a  colleague in  another  Agency  to  discuss  your career  goals.    Register  for  our  webinars  on  career  development.    Learn  about  the  SES  Core  Qualifications  and  how  you  can  gain  experience  to  meet them.

Professional Continuing Education

We make lifelong  learning  easy,  accessible,  and  free  from  the  comfort  of  your  home.   We  have  reenergized  the  American  Academy  of  Veterinary Preventative  Medicine  with  monthly  webinars  on  topics  of interest  related  to  your  work  in  public  pactice.      

Leadership Opportunities to Build a Resume

Often  our  work location  and  committments  restrict  the  opportunities  to  take  on  leadership  roles.    You can build your skills and resume by volunteering  to lead a NAFV  Committee  or to be a NAFV coordinator.     Demonstrate  your  leadership  qualities as  a   NAFV  coordinator  and  host  face  to  face  or virtual  meeting  with your  colleagues.   Lead  an  interagency  policy  team  to  further  the  role  and  status  of  public  practice. Topics could include veterinary loan  repayment programs,  food  safety  or, communicable disease  outbreaks  threatening  the  human  and  animal  populations  of  the United  State  and  the  world.

Have a voice at the table

Collectively  we  are  1,700 individual voices  speaking  as  one   on  whatever   topic  you  decide  is  important.    The  NAFV  voice  has  no  limits,  we  represent  you  in  the  halls  of  Congress,  and  with Department  and  Agencies;  we  do  that  in  collaboration with  partner  associations that  carry  clout  and  influence  with the  people  that  make  the  decisions.   Don't  let  your concerns  and  ideas have  only  one  voice—share them, multiply them and  have  it rise  to  a  level  where  it  will  be  heard,  and  changes  possibly  implemented. 

Advocating for you

Federal  veterinarians are the  unsung  heroes  in  the  federal  community.    Your  work impacts  the  lives  of  everyone  living  in  the  United  States  and  the  world.   Help I Form others by advocating  for yourself  and  fellow  federal  veterinarians  by  being  an  active  member of  NAFV.

Membership BENEFITS

AAVPM Professional Continuing Education Courses

We  deliver  these courses  by  webinar  and  have  a  section  of  this  website  devoted  to  this  mission.

Career Development, Work-Life Balance and Financial Education (including Member Only Discount) Seminars

While Agency training is sometimes hard to get.  We offer a convent webinar series that help build your skills.  We will cover such topics as crucial conversations, fixing a problem with an employee, documenting performance issues, and other useful, practical tools to make your supervisory life easier.  And as for career development  and Work-Life Balance Seminars we have seminars to explain how to get the skills to meet the Senior Executive Service Core Qualifications.  And as the perfect complement to making your work life easier we offer work life balance webinars to reduce stress and get more done (at home!).  And register  for  our  Financial  Literacy  webinars  and  in-person  lectures too.

Legal Advice

No  one  thinks  they  need  professional legal  advice,  until  they  do.    Be  prepared  with  free  consultation with  the  NAFV  attorney.