Meet the Executive Board

President - Barbara Porter-Spalding, DVM, MVPH, MSU, 1991 (President 2019 to 2020)

Dr. Barbara Porter-Spalding joined NAFV in 1994. She is a Swine and Emergency epidemiologist with the USDA, APHIS, Veterinary Services (VS), in Raleigh, North Carolina. She received her DVM from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991 and her Masters of Veterinary Public Health from North Carolina State University in 2007. In her current position, Dr. Porter-Spalding serves as an Epidemiologist/Staff Officer for Preparedness and Incident Coordination Staff

Before joining APHIS, Dr. Porter-Spalding worked in a dairy practice in south central Pennsylvania. After spending 2 years in Morocco in the Peace Corps, she worked with the Food Safety and Inspection Service in North Dakota, joining VS as a field Veterinary Medical Officer in North Dakota in 1998.  She has been active in NAFV assisting the Reps and scheduling Chapter meetings for many years.

Barb’s desire to seek the Presidency of NAFV comes from a passion for the Veterinary Medical Officers and their career aspirations.  As NAFV President she will continue to support and encourage the outstanding public service that veterinarians in Federal work are known for.  Whether as field investigators, or program team managers, from Active Military to FSIS, each VMO has a critical role in safeguarding American agriculture and deserves active advocacy and support.

Vice President - Deanna A. Brown, DVM, MPH, Dipl. ACVPM, MS 1990 (President-Elect; to serve 2020-2021)

Dr. Brown has been a member of the AVMA, NAFV and AAFSPHV for most of her professional career. She has served NAFV as FSIS Rep to the BOD as well as two terms as Secretary-Treasurer.  Her interest in becoming NAFV President lies in her belief that NAFV is the primary voice to speak on behalf of federal veterinarians, to promote the value and skills that we bring to our agencies, and to ensure that decisions being made to reduce costs don’t reduce our ability to protect public health.

NAFV has made great progress, but she recognizes that we have significant challenges ahead. As federal agencies continue to change, NAFV is our voice to speak on our behalf. We must ensure that decisions made by Agency leadership doesn’t reduce our ability to protect public health. Her experiences in the military and FSIS will help her to serve you and to help lead our association as we negotiate these challenges.

Secretary-Treasurer - Larry A. Davis, DVM, MO 1983 (Secretary –Treasurer Position)

“I am pleased to serve in the secretary/treasurer position in NAFV in order to stay on the executive board and maintain continuity in the leadership.  I want to continue the push for specialty pay for veterinarians working in the Federal government.  I encourage all NAFV members to contribute their innovative ideas for the succession and growth of NAFV membership.  My hope is the Association will see the accomplishments that can be attained by being a united front for a tangible difference in our profession and ensure the public’s safety.  We cannot make strides for the advancement of our profession without the support and backing of our membership.  The development of new leaders and increased membership will assure NAFV’s voice being heard.  Thank you for being receptive to the agenda presented and volunteering new ideas for the overall improvement of the whole. 

Dr. Davis graduated with a BS in Biology from Northwest Missouri State University in 1983. He graduated from the Univ. of Missouri with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1985.  Upon graduating in 1985, Larry worked at a small animal hospital in Webster Groves, MO. In 1988, Dr. Davis started his own successful small animal and exotic animal hospital in Granite City, IL.

Dr. Davis joined FSIS in October 2005 as a relief PHV in the Chicago District. After many assignments, in September 2017, Dr. Davis was selected District Manager over the Jackson District which encompasses Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi.  As NAFV President-Elect and President 2014 to 2018, Dr. Davis is concerned about the challenges NAFV faces, but is excited about the new opportunities presented to help resolve these challenges.