What does NAFV do for its members in public and animal heath work?


Amplifies your voice

You  are  no  longe  a  lone  voice  in  the  wilderness.   Through  NAFV  you  have  a  megaphone  to  shout  from  the  highest  mountain tops.    We  put  the  voice  of  the  entire  membership  behind  your  voice  so  people  listen.    And  when  necessary  we  work with  our  allied  associations  such  as  AVMA,  Animal Agriculture Coalition, to name a few.

Protects your rights

Congress and Administrations try to change the rules on you, like proposals that reduce retirement benefits or locality pay. We partner with many associations representing federal employees to get your voices heard.  And when it comes to personnel practices we stand with you be it in your supervisory/managerial role or you employee role. 

Improves your work life

Our  members  and  their Agencies  share  the  common goal  of  improving human,  animal  or  environmental  health  through  the  application  of  best  practices  in  professional  veterinary  medicine.    Anything  we  can  do  to  meet these  common goals  will  make  your  work  life  productive  and  impactful  instills  a  positive  sense  of  accomplishment.    Pride  in  your work  and  knowing  it  makes  a  difference  is  the  best  we  can  hope  for.    We  hope  to  ensure  your  knowledge  and  experiences  get  communicated to  the  people  that  can  use  it  to  improve  your  delivery  of  services  in  the  most practical  but  scientifically  correct manner.      

Fights for you

We  advocate   for  you,  be  it  as  a manager,   supervisor  or employee.  Our  goal  is to  improve  your  ability to  deliver  the  highest  standards  of veterinary   public  practice  for  your  stakeholders. That  may  mean  through  legislative  action, regulation  changes, policy  positions,  staffing  levels,  or  personnel  actions. We  are  here  for  you  to  consult  with,  discuss  situations  in  a  non-attributional  environment  and  develop  a  way  forward.  We  try  to  transform  your  issues  or  problems  into  opportunities!

Provides networking and educational opportunities

Join  our  Facebook  page  and  discuss  postings  of  the day  with  your  colleagues and  friends.  Not  sure  you  want  to  discuss  it  in an  open  forum,  join  our  closed  “NAFV  Members”  page  to  seek  advice, see  what  other  members  are  discussing  and  share  your  knowledge  and expertise  to  help  someone  else.  Attend chapter  meetings  organized  by your  coordinators  and  have  an  out  of  work  experience with  your  coworker.    Join the millennial committee to help advance NAFV to be pertinent for the millennial generation.

Improves your personal life

And  once  you have  reduced  your  stress  from  your veterinary work  you  can  relax  and  listen  to  the  Financial  Wellness  Webinars  or  the  Work  Life  Balance  webinars .    Enhancing  your veterinary career,  enhancing  your science knowledge,  enhancing  your  financial  status  and  enhancing  your  spare  time  is  the goal  of  NAFV      


Continuing Education Courses


Professional continuing education webinar lectures.  Topics are geared to the interests of  public practice veterinarians. We provide certificates of completion recognized by some State licensing boards (check your State requirement to be sure).  Free to members, open to all for a nominal fee of $20.

Discount on Federal Employee Defense Service


When bad things happen to good people doing public heath work you need to be prepared.  Agencies reimburse you for  up to 50% of the cost of this coverage. And, be sure to go  to  the  members only  page  to get the member discount code.

Consult with the NAFV attorney


Sometimes just having a quick conversation with our attorney can save you days, months or years of headaches.  Remember we are an organization of managers and supervisors so schedule that call whether you are the employee or the supervisor. 

Free TSA Pre-Check


Coming  soon!    

We  are  working  on  free  TSA -Pre  Check  for  federal  veterinarians

Financial Wellness


Most  Agencies  offer  retirement  seminars.  But  financial  wellness  should begin long before veterinary school but certainly long before you  think  about  retiring    This series  of  webinars,  in  person  lectures  and online  financial  tools  covering a comprehensive approach to financial wellness. 

What  is  the  wellness  effect?

Member Only Discounts


Members only online discount program to hundreds of attractions,  services, auto repair, hotels, rental cars and more.

Career Development


Management  and  supervision  are  hard  enough  when you  have  your  team  all  in  one  location    Add  distance  to  the   equation and  you  amplify  the  challenge.    This  series  of  webinars,  videos  and  online  learning  tools  should  help  bridge  the  gap  somewhat.    Combine  that with  networking  with  fellow  members  for  solutions  and  simple  solutions  should  be  close  at  hand    

Work-Life Balance


This  series  will explore  the  meaning  of  having work  life  balance  . It  will present  different  perspectives  on  it  and  work  to  give  you  a  better  idea of  what  it  meant  to  you.    

Career Opportunities