The Talent Management Agency Council provides leadership to the Federal Veterinary community who protect the public health, animal health, food safety, agriculture and natural resources while creating an environment where Federal veterinarians can effectively respond to routine, emergency and catastrophic public and animal health events. 


The Talent Management Agency Council ensures that the Federal Veterinary Workforce is sufficent to meet its critical responsibilities while working to have the Federal government recognized as being the premier employer for the Veterinary community.


Goal A: Establish a Formal Governance Structure to address Workforce Challenges and Strengthen the Nation’s Federal Veterinary Workforce to meet America’s Health Needs Today and Tomorrow.

Goal B: Enhance the Federal Veterinary Workforce to Improve Public and Animal Health Domestically and Abroad. 

TMAC Documents:

TMAC Strategic Plan FY 2012-2015

Workforce Assessment

Foreign Animal Disease Assessment