strategic plan


The National Association of Federal Veterinarians has developed this strategic plan to help guide the organization as it moves forward. The strategic plan can serve as a roadmap, and is intended to be a guideline only, which should be revisited and amended as necessary. The plan also provides for the prioritization of activities so that resources can be directed towards the organization’s highest priorities first. It is anticipated that this strategic plan will be formally reassessed in 2013 and either extended or modified for a timeframe to be determined at that time.


The National Association of Federal Veterinarians works to further the interests of veterinarians in the federal government by:

  • Raising the visibility of veterinarians in Federal service and advancing the recognition of their contribution in the fields of veterinary medicine and public health.
  • Influencing laws, regulations, procedures, and policies that impact federal veterinarians, and the programs they serve, by communicating and interacting with government agencies, industries, and Congress.
  • Providing a forum for networking and interaction of veterinarians throughout the federal government.
  • Making legal counsel available to members.
  1. Increase the recognition of the contributions that veterinarians make throughout federal service, and educate the public to the invaluable service provided by federally employed veterinarians.
  2. Enhance networking for federal veterinarians by providing a forum for the exchange of expertise.
  3. Expand educational and employment opportunities, including detail assignments.
  4. Provide an avenue for federal veterinarians to discuss, develop, and make public positions on national policies and issues of concern.
  5. Be a resource for information and support for veterinarians in federal service.