NAFV Scholarship and Loan Fund

The NAFV Scholarships are limited to the children of active, associate or deceased members (in good standing) who have been accepted or are already in a recognized veterinary college. The scholarships are outright grants and usually for $500.

How to Apply:
Applicant must send an application letter stating and/or enclosing the following:

  • Name of applicant
  • Social Security Number of applicant
  • Name of qualifying parent
  • Social Security Number of parent
  • Name of veterinary school
  • Proof of acceptance or enrollment in said school
  • Date of enrollment into said school
  • Copies of all college transcripts
  • Any statement you wish to make about financial need
  • Any other statement you feel is pertinent to the scholarship grant

The letter must be signed by the applicant and mailed to:

National Association of Federal Veterinarians
1910 Sunderland Place, NW
Washington DC 20036-1608